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Web(maker) Lab in London
Last weekend, Michelle Thorne checked out the Chrome Web Lab in the London Science Museum, which is probably the first major museum to host an interactive exhibit on the web. And probably also the first museum to show web-powered robots drawing portraits in the sand! This amazing learning opportunity features five different stations showing the wonder of the web. If you want to get to know more about how to visit it with your browser and her ideas for a Webmaker exhibit, check out her blog post.

Congratulations on IE10 – From Mozilla with Cake
When Firefox 2 was released six years ago, the Internet Explorer team started a friendly tradition of sending Mozilla a cake as congratulations. When the Rapid Release Cycle started, they sent a delicious cupcake for the next few updates instead. Matt Brubeck had the idea to revive the tradition by ordering a cake for the IE team for the IE10 release today. Read his blog post to get to know what happened when he drove with his wife to Microsoft and delivered this delicious Firefox cake.

Open Source Shines at Localization World Seattle
Users first, no matter where they are – that’s the motto of the Mozilla Localization (l10n) team. They recently had the opportunity to attend and present sessions at one of the biggest localization industry events – Localization World Seattle. It was a great success for both open source l10n and the Mozilla l10n community’s efforts. Apart from the general successes, there was lots of feedback on l20n, the “newer and better version” of l10n and lots of great feedback for Pontoon. To find out more about the greatness that came from the time at LocWorld, make sure to read Jeff Beatty’s blog post.

Book Idea: The Vanilla Web Diet
Chris Heilmann, Principal Developer Evangelist from London, feels the itch to write a book again and needs your feedback on his ideas. His biggest idea is to write about why the web needs a diet. Yesterday’s technologies have gone leaps and bounds lately, giving developers more capabilities than ever before. But regardless of that, we still clog the web with lots of unnecessary code and litter the web, mainly because of a wrong sense of duty to support outdated technology. So, what do you think about it? Visit his blog post to share your feedback with him.

Responsive Mode: On
Today, you can access the web from all kids of devices: Computers, tablets, notebooks or phones. Unfortunately, because some websites are pretty big, they can’t be read that well on a smaller display. But thanks to CSS media queries and other techniques, you can make the same page fit to the size of many devices seamlessly and provide the best User Experience on each of them. To get an impression of what it looks like, read Girish Sharma’s blog post in which he is showing how he applied this technique to his own blog.

Photo of the Week


The Mozilla Engagement team jumping in California

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Doug Turner, Andrea Lekushoff and Elika Etemad. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

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