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Newcomer experience in Mozilla
Kevin Carillo, a Mozillian living in New Zealand, is interested in hearing from people who are either technical or non-technical contributors, and who have had either positive or negative newcomer experiences in communities like Mozilla. If you’d like to help him with his research-project, don’t hesitate to take this survey, which might help improving newcomer experiences at Mozilla.

Localizing Our Brands
Matej Novak from the creative team submitted an interesting blog post to about:pixels, the team’s blog for words and pictures. He describes the outcome of the discussions on how to handle localizing brand names (like “Firefox Sync”) and gives some examples that show you why translating them literally sometimes doesn’t work quite well. Find out more about why it may cause some confusion and leave some comments or examples from your own language.

From geeks to presenters
Christian Heilmann, Developer Evangelist of MDN, went to the Spotify office in Stockholm to test-run a training he’ll give at MozCamp Asia in December, with the purpose to show tricks that help you becoming a better speaker. In his latest blog post, you can preview his slides and lots of useful tips for your next presentation.

Web Animations
Brian Birtles talks in his newest blog post about a new development in animation for the Web, resulting in the attempt to overcome some of the limitations with both CSS and SVG animations and unify them at the same time. He also includes a video with all of the ideas that the folks from Google, Adobe and Mozilla came up so far and it’s definitely worth watching it.

The Remote Web Console is Here
In Firefox 19, developers will get to use a new feature: the Remote Web Console! It allows you to debug websites and web apps remotely. Loading a website on Firefox for Android causes this function to forward the data to the Desktop Firefox and you can see pretty much everything from network activity to every single request. Mark Finkle explains in his latest blog post how you can use it. Happy debugging!

Photo of the Week


Mitchell Baker in Spain

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Ana Sofía López Sánchez and Dietrich Ayala. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* November 14, Montpellier, France iDate
* November 15, Sydney, Australia JS Conf Downunder
* November 17-18, Singapore MozCamp Asia 2012
* See more on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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