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Goodbye Flash Player – Hello Shumway
Many games and other popular applications on the web require the Flash player to play. With the new experimental Shumway project, you can interact with Flash elements without having to use the Flash Player – this is particularly useful on mobile devices where Flash is not available. You can try out a few live demos or even install the test extension to preview SWF content on the web using Shumway. More open than ever.

Happy Birthday, Firefox!
Guess what! This week, Firefox turned 8 years old and that’s surely a reason to celebrate. When Firefox 1.0 was released in 2004, no one thought that it could ever get so popular and make the web a better place. But thanks to you, you played an important role in making the web more open and you’re the reason we strive to make Firefox the fastest, safest and most secure browser ever. You helped us make history and because of that, we’re drinking a toast to you. Cheers!

Photo Booth Made Out of Tinfoil-Covered Squares
Christian Heilmann, who has been at MozFest, set up a $40 photo booth that consists of lots of cables, tinfoil-covered squares and his computer. You may wonder how it works, but it’s actually very simple: You just touch two pads at the same time. And if you want to, you can even make the camera shoot a picture by high-fiving your best friend. The best thing about this is that it’s completely open source and thanks to Christian’s instructions, you can easily build it at home or test it at MozCamp Asia. Cheese!

Introducing Mozilla Webmaker Badges
A few days ago, the new Mozilla Webmaker badges were launched that provide an exciting and fun way to learn how to start making the web. As you complete projects like creating your first website, animated photo or learning some of the fundamentals of coding, you can earn digital badges which together form a lasting record of your skills and achievements. You can show them to teachers, future employers, classmates or your friends – the possibilities are endless. Read more about its purpose to build a new generation of digital creators and get started by earning your first badge.

r2d2b2g becomes the Firefox OS Simulator
The upcoming operating system Firefox OS for mobiles is currently under heavy development. And as a normal user, it’s been almost impossible to test it on your own computer, but thanks to r2d2b2g, a Firefox add-on that makes it easy to test the OS on your desktop, we changed that. Now we’re changing another thing: Its name. r2d2b2g is becoming the Firefox OS Simulator with even more new features – it’s now incredibly easy to manage apps and the simulator itself. Install it today and play around with the future of mobile phones.

Photo of the Week


Playing the banana piano at MozFest

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Selena Deckelmann, Tom Schuster, Till Schneidereit and Brian King. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

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