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Join The Firefox Challenge This Holiday Season
Last year, we brought together a dozen cause-minded celebrities and thousands of individuals from around the world for the Firefox Challenge, a competition to raise awareness for charitable causes. And this year, we’re excited to announce that we’re gonna do it again, with even more weekly prizes and with a breathtaking total of $200,000 that Mozilla will donate to charitable organizations during the Firefox Challenge. You could win a ukulele signed by Seth Rogen, an iChat and signed iPad mini from Edward Norton and even more. Go to the Mozilla blog and find out how to take part today.

Make Your Voice Heard On The ITU
For more than a decade, the web lets us speak out, share and connect around the things that matter. It allows us to create whole new opportunities and hold governments to account and break through barriers. Unfortunately, this might change today. On December 3, our governments are going to meet in Dubai behind closed doors to decide whether an old treaty to control the Internet can be expanded. We believe that everyone – including you – should have a voice. Learn why this matters and create your message to keep the power of the web in your hands.

Improving Private Browsing
Just in time for the holiday season, lots of Firefox users are shopping online for some gifts. But what if you don’t want your family to know about the presents yet? Using the private browsing mode comes handy in that situation. For almost 20 months, Ehsan Akhgari and his team worked on improving the private browsing code even more and the result is stunning: You can now open a private window and prepare yourself for the upcoming holidays without needing to close the entire session. Check out his blog post to download and test the experimental builds.

Make Open Badges Work For You
If you’re a developer and you’ve heard about the exciting Open Badges project, you might want to find out how to implement it in your context. If so, we have good news for you: Doug Belshaw explains in his latest blog post how to start issuing badges and shows you how to use badges to promote the behaviors, skills and attitudes that you want your community to embody. Find out how to get started and create your very own badges.

Firefox For Android – Safer Then Ever Before
The Future of Firefox blog is the best way to find out what’s new with upcoming Firefox releases. And this week, we’re glad to announce that a new Firefox for Android Beta version is available for testing. It makes your browsing experience faster and safer than ever before, keeping you safe from malicious websites with its phishing and malware protection. But that’s not all: You can now see suggested search terms as you type and make navigating the web even quicker and easier. Find out more about the full change log and how to get it.

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Wil Clouser’s Mozilla t-shirt time capsule

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Gabriela Montagu, Havi Hoffman, Antoine Duparay and Erwan Guyader. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

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