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Firefox Flicks Returns
Last year, our global video competition Firefox Flicks, which aims to tell people the Firefox story, was a huge success. More than a thousand filmmakers submitted hundreds of entries from all over the world. And this year, Firefox Flicks is going to return and we are giving you the chance again to win prizes. This year’s theme “Get Mobilized” is about enabling more people to take advantage of the full power of the open web – no matter where they are. So go and get some inspiration (and get your camera and clapperboard ready!).

Announcing the Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone
Many developers who code apps for Firefox OS, Mozilla’s upcoming mobile operating system, have to test their apps in a rather inconvenient way: In a simulator on their computer. But now, we are proud to announce something that will make them cheer: A Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone. These well-equipped phones, which are meant to be used by developers, make the mobile web more accessible to more people. More importantly, they give coders the chance to create and test apps, powered by the openness, simplicity and freedom of Firefox OS.

A Learning Standard for Web Literacy
Doug Belshaw, Badges & Skills Lead of Mozilla, has published a series of blog posts about getting closer to a Web Literacy standard. Mozilla is working with the community to define a new standard for Web Literacy, and anyone can be involved. From our starting point, we’ll start charting learning pathways. This open learning standard will mark the areas as important, co-ordinate efforts, and improve the experience for the learner.

HTML5 Support for MP3 and MP4
If you love listening to music, you probably stumbled across an MP3 audio file on the Internet before. Unfortunately, Firefox wasn’t able to play it on its own and needed a third-party plugin’s help. Now, this problem belongs to the past: Our contributors and developers are working on making it able to play MP4 videos and MP3 audio files in HTML5. If you are using Windows 7, you can already test this feature in a Firefox Nightly build.

SUMO in 2013
If you ever happen to have any problems with Firefox, Thunderbird or other Mozilla products, SUMO will be there for you. David Tenser, who is responsible for this global and open source support platform, announced the overarching mission for 2013: Delighting the users. It means going above and beyond and providing support that is better than they expected, it means making sure everyone visiting SUMO will get an answer to their question. Read his blog post to find out how to achieve this goal.

Photos of the Week


Top: Mozilla is officially the most trusted Internet company in privacy. Hooray! Bottom: The first Firefox Donuts ever.

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* February 15, Ilfov, Romania: OSOM EvolutiON
* February 15, West Mifflin, US: Introducing the IT Field
* February 16, Manila, Philippines: Junior Form Function & Class
* February 19, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mozilla Intro at Sarajevo
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