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WebKit: An Objective View
If you love reading online news websites, you’ve probably stumbled across something like this: “Oh no, Opera will move from Presto to WebKit!”. While this seems to be pretty alarming, it’s hard to have an objective view on this. But luckily, Robert Nyman and Rob Hawkes wrote an objective blog post, in which they explain what WebKit actually means, how new features get into it and what it actually means that Opera moves to WebKit.

Summer of Code 2013
Google Summer of Code 2013
Google Summer of Code (“SoC”) is an annual program that pays students to work on free software projects over the summer. This program has already led to some great results: Tilt for example also used to be a SoC project. Mozilla has been invited to participate in SoC each year since the program began in 2005, and for this year, we are already collecting interesting 8-week tasks. If you can think of one that you might be able to guide a student through, read Gervase Markham’s blog post to find out how to propose your idea.

SUMO in 2013: Firefox for Android
David Tenser’s series of blog posts continues and this week, it’s all about Firefox Android and SUMO. The goals can be summarized in three words: Community, mobilization and, oh, community! One of the aims is to allow contributors to help others on their mobile while for example waiting for the bus to arrive in the morning. But this year, SUMO will also aim at some other things: Read David Tenser’s blog post to find out how we can enable fully community-driven self-service support for Firefox for Android.

Creating a Mozilla workshop
In her latest blog post, Lukas Blakk describes how she organized a Mozilla workshop for beginners that consisted of hacking on mobile HTML5 games. After a few lunch time meetings, she drove to Redwood City with 20 laptops and 15 Firefox OS test devices. At Dare 2B Digital, an annual conference for 300 young women, the future webmakers have created customizations to their matching game. More importantly, they’ve earned first-hand experience with the power of creating web apps that can run on any web-enabled device. Read Lukas Blakk’s blog post to see the results and find out what’s next.

Contribute Form for Everyone
In the last few months, our contributors and developers worked hard on improving the Mozilla.org contribute page‘s functionality in terms of localization. The outcome is mind blowing: You can now translate the site, make it respond automatically and embed the “Want to help?” form on any website. Read Rubén Martín’s blog post to find out why this is important, how it works for you and what the next steps are.

Photo of the Week

Firefox for Android Wallpaper

Because we got such a great response from our last wallpaper giveaway, we thought we’d do it again. Download the Firefox for Android wallpaper for free.

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Lucas Rocha, Claire Clarista and Mozilla Bangladesh. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* February 21 – Zürich, Switzerland: Mozcoffee Switzerland
* February 21 – In over 10 cities in Mexico: Translathon
* February 22 – Los Angeles, US: SCALE 11x
* February 23 – Cambridge, MA: LibrePlanet
* February 23, Manado, Indonesia: MozKopDarManado
* See more in our weekly event guide about:events or find more events on the Mozilla Community Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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