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Mozilla Unlocks the Power of the Web
This will be one of the most exciting weeks ever! One year ago, we promised to change the way you interact with the web on the go. And Sunday, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we announced the release of the probably best smartphone operating system ever. (If we do say so ourselves.) While the first Firefox OS phones are quite powerful and look pretty fancy, they are also affordable in the developing world: At less than $100, it’s ten times more affordable than many other popular smartphones.

Firefox 19 and its PDF viewer
A few days ago, we were proud to release Firefox 19, the latest version of your favorite browser. It comes with some new features, but the most useful one is definitely the built-in PDF viewer. Now, you can read PDFs directly within your browser and for example check out a menu card from your favorite restaurant. Without having to interrupt your browsing experience with extra clicks or downloads.

Helping or Hurting?
When Christian Heilmann started as a web developer, there was no such thing as CSS. He had to use complicated tables for layout to display a site correctly. But there were still browsers that didn’t render the pages right – which led to the use of massive code snippets. According to Heilmann, the mistakes of the earlier days are being repeated: Many websites expect scripts to be flawlessly executed, which can be a problem. Find out how even Google experienced that we rely far too much on them for incredibly simple tasks.

New Features On the ReMo Platform
During the last month, the Mozilla Reps Web Development team has been working on improving reps.mozilla.org and last week, Pierros Papadeas showed off the two best and new functionalities: You can now see all events in a handy timeline to visually identify events worldwide and through different time periods. And if you are a vouched Mozillian, you can log into the portal – even if you are not a Rep! Find out why this is useful and get to know about the other features in his blog post.

UI Improvements in Firefox for Android
In Lucas Rocha’s latest blog post, it’s all about the recent changes made to the user interface of Firefox for Android. One of them is the two-way tabs tray which now displays the tabs horizontally whenever it improves the use of your screen’s space. The Firefox User Experience team also worked hard on streamlining the look of Firefox: It should feel like the same browser wherever you use it. You can test these new features in a bleeding-edge Nightly build.

Photo of the Week


Mozilla Representatives at the Mobile World Conference 2013. Follow us on our Yammer network for more pictures and news by signing up with your vouched Mozillians e-mail.

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Bas Schouten, Jovanka Gulicoska, Mexico and our little surprise guest. Read more about how they contribute to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* March 15 – Santa Clara, CA: PyCon US
* March 23 – Cambridge, MA: LibrePlanet
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Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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