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Brand New: Mozilla to Mobile OSes: Fox You.
Unlike the system icons or logos of Safari and Chrome, Firefox’s has always been the most memorable, with an adorable fox wrapping its tail around the globe. Since we didn’t want to reuse the exact same logo for Firefox OS, we worked with Wolff Olins to unleash the fox with an awesome branding. Here you can see the first drawings of the fast and powerful fox. Why don’t you take a look at the finished illustrations and the different poses of the fox?

Wrap Long Lines & Watch Videos at Ludicrous Speeds
Who doesn’t love a sneak preview? Well, we do! In his latest two blog posts, Jared Wein tells you about two upcoming features that you can already test in a bleeding-edge Nightly build< /a> of Firefox. The first feature allows you to read long .txt files easier than ever before by adapting the line length to the size of the browser window. The second addition allows you to adjust the playback speed of a video by simply right-clicking on it. So now you can watch videos in slow motion, high speed or ludicrous speed.

Webmakers Shake Athens & MozFest 2013
Matt Thompson, Chief Storyteller of Mozilla, has got so many new updates regarding the Mozilla Webmaker project for you this week! The most exciting thing that is new this week is a video that explains what the “web literacy standard” is and how you can get involved. The second update is from Hive Athens, a new webmaking network in Greece that drew over a hundred kids to multiple activity stations for webmaking (and doing the Harlem Shake). Last but not least, Matt tells you the date for this year’s Mozilla Festival in London, an event that provides a mix of making and learning mayhem.

Making HTML5 work with Firefox OS
Christian Heilmann just got back from CeBIT in Germany, the world’s largest and most international computer expo. His part of the show was to give a talk about Firefox OS and what it means to HTML 5. He went through the different parts that make Firefox OS special – for example to search for apps by content. For example, you enter the name of a band and get Music, Video and Lyrics apps. He also came up with an interesting simile: Find out why Firefox OS is the Volkswagen Beetle of smartphones in his blog post.

Font Inspector in Firefox Nightly
If you’re a developer, you probably already know about the element inspector that allows you to test changes to your websites and view the source code of other pages easier than ever before. Paul Rouget, a Mozillian since 2003, now built a font inspector you can access in the inspector. It shows you the font used by the selected element, its name and a preview. Find out more about the font inspector on his blog.

Video of the Week


This is the Mozilla edition of the Harlem Shake in Greece. Woohoo!

Upcoming events
* March 14 & 15 – Munich, Germany: UX Munich
* March 16 – Sucre, Bolivia: Firefox OS App Workshop
* March 16 – Tunis, Tunisia: WoMoz Café
* March 16 – Zamboanga City, Philippines: Zamboanga City goes Mobile – Open Source Style
* March 17 – Haldia, India: MozCamp @ HIT
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