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Introducing Open Badges 1.0
Imagine that you could earn badges for skills you learn online to show them to your friends, teachers or perhaps your future employer. Well, you no longer have to imagine: After more than two years of hard work, we are proud to announce that Mozilla Open Badges 1.0, an open platform that recognizes learning, has finally been released. Because we all learn things in a wide variety of ways these days, there have to be more opportunities to gain formal recognition for these skills. And since there was never a way to take all these skills and show them off in one place before, Open Badge changes that! Find out more about how you can get started and earn your first badge now.

Firefox OS Simulator – Previewing Version 3.0
Three months ago, we told you how to test Firefox OS on your computer using the Firefox OS Simulator. We’ve made a lot of progress since, and now, we’d like to show you a preview of the upcoming new version. One of the biggest new features is that you are able to push apps installed in the simulator directly to your Firefox OS device, if you have one. And you can finally rotate the simulator or validate your code. Last but not least, the user interface of Firefox OS has been updated too. Be among the first to test the preview and give us some feedback!

Interviews About Contributing to Firefox
This semester at Michigan State University, a group of students will be working on a senior capstone project with Mozilla. Jared Wein shows them how to fix bugs and improve the multi-touch gestures in Firefox. And they’ve made a lot of progress! A couple of days ago, Jared sat down with the three students and asked them about their experience and what they thought about contributing to open-source software. Go ahead and watch the interviews on his blog.

And the Game On Competition Winners Are…
This year’s “Game On” competition was all about pushing the frontiers of gaming on the web. And now, after we have received more than 165 awesome entries, with competitors from Morocco to Russia to Canada, we are thrilled to announce the winners! Many took advantage of new open web innovations to showcase new gaming potential on the web, like the grand prize winning game “Zumbie: Blind Rage”. The best “hackable game” Code Injection allows you to inject real code to move your character around. Check out (and play) the winning games or other entries on the Mozilla blog.

Why Cameron Switched (Back) to Firefox
Cameron Paul is a software engineer who likes maths, music and computers. Firefox had been his browser of choice for years, but in 2008, he switched to Google Chrome, because he thought that Firefox was bloated and slow. Now, he’s having issues with general slowness in Chrome too. So he decided to use Firefox again and noticed that it got faster and has more developer tools. “I honestly believe Mozilla is committed to freedom and privacy on the web. Google is committed to making money and knowing everything I do.”, he says in his blog post. Read his full story or let us know if you know somebody else who switched (back) to Firefox.

Photo of the Week

Volunteers at the Hive learning network in Athens. Cheese!

Volunteers at the Hive learning network in Athens. Cheese!

Upcoming events
* March 19 – Malaga, Spain: Firefox OS Talk and Hackday
* March 22 – Toronto, Canada: Game Night
* March 23 – Mombasa, Kenya: Firefox OS App day
* March 23 – Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela: Document Freedom Day
* March 23 – Makati City, Philippines: SMART Game Development Conference
* Learn more about these and more events or find even more near you on the Events Calendar

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