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15 Years of Mozilla – Celebrate With Us!
15 Years of a Better Web
Fifteen years ago, the source code of Netscape was published as open source – this marked the birth of the Mozilla project. And also made this day a special day: It’s Mozilla’s 15th birthday and we want to celebrate with you today. You can attend one of the three events in India, France or Serbia. Or you could submit your personal webstory and tweet it with the hashtag #webstory. No matter if it’s just a tweet, a video or an image – we’ll be retweeting and responding throughout the day to amplify these stories around the world.

Help us marking the beginning of our year-long celebration.

Checkboxes That Kill Your Product
It’s time for us to do some scrubbing and cleaning of the Firefox settings – this is Alex Limi’s conclusion when he looks at some of the checkboxes in the current version of Firefox. In his latest blog post, he takes a look at the settings and found some things that we need to fix: There are too many options that will render the browser unusable to most people by preventing the browser to load any images, disabling JavaScript and making all buttons disappear.

Read more about how we got to this point with Firefox and learn more about the settings that you should better not change.

Get Excited with Firefox OS
The Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona was definitely a success! Thanks to our awesome team of supporters, we were able to show everyone the power of Firefox OS, our upcoming mobile operating system. Although the congress is over, we are only just getting started! The excitement of Firefox OS is still in the air. If you missed Jay Sullivan’s demonstration at MWC, we have good news for you: It’s available online.

Watch (or re-watch) it on air.mozilla.org to see how Firefox OS will change the way you interact with the web on the go.

Mozilla Paris: Finally United!
Gold leaf walls surrounding and uniting Mozillians – that’s the best way to describe the new Mozilla office in Paris, the City of Light. This day marks the first day in the office, which is inside a historic building with fascinating architectural details. But until our grand opening celebration in June, we still have lots of things to do (and to polish). Since all Mozilla spaces aren’t just designed for the paid stuff but also for volunteers (like you!), you can also feel free to come by and code, design, research, talk or have a drink.

Learn more about the Mozilla Space in Paris and when the grand opening celebration happens.

Find Things Faster With Firefox
Finding things on the Internet with Firefox is very simple – you just have to enter the phrase you’re looking for into the Awesome Bar and hit the enter key. But sometimes, when you’re busy, every second counts. And to help you find stuff even faster, there are four handy search shortcuts that are easy to use. No matter if you want to search with the Awesome Bar without having to reach for your mouse or touchpad, or if you are looking for a link on a specific website.

Find out how to use the shortcuts on our cozy The Den blog.

Photo of the Week

Meetup of the Hispanic Mozilla community in Perú.

Meetup of the Hispanic Mozilla community in Perú. Find some more pictures on Flickr.

Meet Some Mozillians
Mozilla says bonjour to Konstantina Papadea. Read more about how she contributes to Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* April 5 – Subotica, Serbia: Serbian Community Meetup
* April 5 & 6 – Istanbul, Turkey: Free Software and Linux Days 2013
* April 6 – Athens, Greece: Athens Webmaking 101
* April 6 – Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Selenium Unconference
* April 6 – Nashik, India: Webmaker init() Nasik
* April 7 – Mumbai, India: BarCamp Mumbai 2013
* Learn more about these and more events or find even more near you on the Events Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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