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Foxconn Adopts Firefox OS
Firefox OS is our open mobile operating system that is on its way to change the way we’re using the web on the go. A few days ago, Foxconn announced their support for it and unveiled new mobile phones which use the OS. But since the open web doesn’t just fit in your pocket but also in your rucksack, they also announced the first Firefox OS tablets. And as though as this wasn’t already exciting enough, they stated that they intend to have it running on laptops and TVs as well.

Find out more about our partnership with Foxconn and take a look at pictures of the devices.

An Interview with Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale
Jonathan Nightingale, Vice President of Firefox Engineering, has a mission that sounds easy: Giving over 450 million users the best browsing experience. But behind the scenes, that means that he is in a constant “fight” with Chrome and IE over new features and market share. The web magazine “Engadget” released an interview yesterday in which Jonathan explains our mission, if we are in the shadow of Chrome and why we have a different plan that will work better. After so many tough questions, it’s definitely clear who’s the real winner: The Web.

Read the full interview with Jonathan Nightingale on Engadget.

C is for Cookie
Mozilla believes in putting users in control of their online experience, yet, we also want a healthy and thriving web ecosystem. We don’t see a contradiction, but sometimes, a crucial experiment is required to prove it: We’re testing a change in Firefox that blocks cookies from sites you have not visited yet. Cookies store small pieces of data that are helpful when it comes to remembering the state of a website you’ve visited. But often, they are used to track users, which is a huge privacy concern. Taking this step once again emphasizes how much we protect your privacy.

Learn more about what this will change for you and website developers on Brendan Eich’s blog.

Explaining Open Badges Through Analogy
Open Badges is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning. You earn badges for skills you learn offline and online and you can take them anywhere. No matter if you want to show them to your future employer, friends or your family. Doug Belshaw, Badges & Skills Lead for Mozilla, came up with useful metaphors to help you understand what Open Badges is. “It’s a bit like a water company providing the infrastructure so that instead of having to go to a well, you can get water coming out of a tap. What you use that water for is entirely up to you”, he explains in his blog post.

Get to know more about Open Badges and start using them today.

WebGL Dev Derby
Our Dev Derby is a monthly Web development contest open to anyone willing to learn. This time, we want to see what you can do with WebGL, a technology that brings 3D graphics to the Web. Build 3D games, create interactive data visualizations and more – the possibilities are endless. No matter if you’re just getting started or an expert – our developer network provide you with the basics you need to get started with tackling WebGL.

Show us what you can do with HTML & WebGL and take part in our dev derby.

Photo of the Week

The WebFWD Cohort III on their Graduation Day.

The WebFWD Cohort III on their Graduation Day. Find some more pictures of the event on Flickr and a video of the eight teams on Air Mozilla.

Upcoming events
* June 13 – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: OpenCoffee Sarajevo
* June 15 – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Mozilla Zimbabwe Community meet-up
* June 15 & 16 – Erfurt, Germany: Barcamp Erfurt
* June 17 – Mombasa, Kenya: Firefox Flicks Mombasa
* June 18-21 – Chittagong, Bangladesh: MozTour @ Chittagong
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