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Introducing Firefox OS
Firefox OS
A few months ago we introduced Firefox OS, a mobile operating system that is just as open as Firefox. We promised to give more people access to the Web in more ways than ever before and a promise is a promise! Now we are proud to announce that we are preparing to launch the first Firefox OS smartphones with our partners. The phone that is affordable for anyone will kick off its launch today in Spain. It will be offered by Movistar for just €69, including €30 of balance for prepaid customers and a microSD card. If you live in Colombia or Venezuela, you just have to wait for a few more weeks. No matter where you are, Firefox OS will revolutionize the way you use the Internet on the go.

Learn more about the features of Firefox OS.

Success and Firefox OS
As the Chairwoman of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker recaps why we build products, what they represent and how they relate to our goals — just in time for the launch of Firefox OS. Our goal is to build openness, opportunity and innovation into online life. Firefox for desktop has already done this in many ways, being a pioneer in the world of open source consumer products. As a result of giving developers huge opportunities for innovation in areas they care about, it has helped usher in a whole new era of Web computing. With Firefox OS we hope to do something similar with the world of mobile computing. We want to prove that the Web is a powerful and flexible platform that excites people.

Get to know more about how we want to provide an open alternative to the current closed ecosystems.

Why Firefox OS?
Christian Heilmann, a technical evangelist living in London, has been focused on Firefox OS for a pretty long time. As he’s worked with it, he’s also helped programmers building apps and spent hours writing about it or showing off the powerful operating system. In his latest blog post, he explains why he is excited about the launch of Firefox OS: that you get a very great phone for a low price which puts the web in your pocket. Because it does not assume a fast and stable connection, it kills the idea of mobile web connectivity only being for a privileged few in the western world.

Now that the cat — pardon, the fox — is out of the bag, you can benefit from a rewarding platform that will not charge you at the whim of company goals or shareholder demands.

Photo of the Week

Unveiling the ZTE Open phone running Firefox OS.

Unveiling the ZTE Open phone running Firefox OS. Find some more pictures in the Telefónica press room.

Upcoming events
* July 5 – Madrid, Spain: SpainJS
* July 5 – Calamba City, Philippines: Maker Party 2013: Arriba Letran!
* July 6 – Corrientes, Argentina: Hackaton Express NEA
* July 6 – Santa Cruz, Bolivia: MozCoffee Bolivia
* July 12 – Paris, France: Night Science
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