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(Re)building a Simplified Firefox Logo
The new logos for Firefox, Aurora and Nightly.
The new version of the Firefox logo that was unveiled in 2009 was an amazing piece of artwork. After almost four years, it’s time to take an evolutionary leap forward and tackle issues like color consistency. But we also listened to your feedback and are proud to uncover the new logo. We simplified its style by removing the high gloss and trimming the fox’s fur. A very little detail you may notice is that the fox now has a shoulder. Because simplifying a style doesn’t always mean bringing it down to basic geometric shapes and solid colors, the design team has made major efforts to create it. But judging by the results, it was definitely worth it.

Get to know the story behind the new Firefox logo and take a look at the new logos for Aurora and Nightly.

Amp Your Firefox Contest
If you want to do anything from block ads to quickly translate a website then there’s an add-on for that! Many of our users install them to have fun, be more productive or customize their favorite browser. We challenge you to amp up their Firefox even more by creating or updating add-ons on both desktop and mobile. Our panel of judges will pick the best add-on from each of the five prize categories and give you the chance to win an Android tablet or even a MacBook Air. But since it’s the taking part that counts, every participant will receive a cool “Amp Your Firefox” t-shirt for their approved entry.

Find out more about the Amp Your Firefox Contest and enhance the web experience of users around the world.

Launch of Firefox OS – Thoughts and History
It all started two years ago when Robert Nyman, who was new to Mozilla back then, saw a wiki page called “B2G” emerging. Boot to Gecko was the code name for an open operating system for mobiles based on the rendering engine of Firefox. Soon, the press picked up the story and although the response was mainly positive, there were also some skeptics. This month, the first Firefox OS devices launched in Spain – and in the very near future, a number of other countries will be announced. But what is Firefox OS? It’s not just about open source, open standards and open web apps, but more importantly about bringing users to the web on the go with affordable options.

Dive into the journey from a wiki page to first phones and find out more about Robert’s thoughts.

Stop Watching Us
By the time you read this blog post it’s entirely possible that the US government has already read it twice. A few weeks ago, media reports emerged that the government is collecting huge amounts of data from Internet companies. The revelations confirm many of our worst fears and put the privacy of hundreds of millions of people at stake. We’re taking a stand for users and launched a campaign sponsored by a broad coalition of organizations from around the world to demand full knowledge of the extent to which our data is being monitored. When we asked the public to get involved and respond to SOPA/PIPA, we received an overwhelming amount of responses. The same thing happened with ACTA in the EU. Now, we’re asking you to take a stand as well.

Stand up for your rights and help millions of users close the curtains of their glass houses.

Mozilla Ignite Winners
What would you do if your connection was 250 times faster than the internet most of us are used to today? This question was asked to anybody who was willing to take part in Mozilla Ignite, a 12-month open innovation challenge that invited people to design and prototype apps for the faster, smarter internet of the future. The winning applications provide a glimpse of what’s possible when we make networks not only faster, but also smarter and deeply programmable. One of the winning apps lets you explore the surface of Mars interactively, while another app enables 3D video-conferencing using open web components.

Read more about the other winning apps and how to bring next-generation networks to your community.

Photo of the Week

Firefox OS

The Firefox OS launch team in Madrid, Spain. Find some more pictures of the launch day in this Flickr album.

Upcoming events
* July 12 – Paris, France: Night Science
* July 13 – Iași, Romania: Firefox OS hackathon
* July 13 – Hampshire, United Kingdom: HackBMTH
* July 13 – Andhra Pradesh, India: WoMoz Rise
* July 16 – Laguna, Philippines: Webmaker Party: SCST Edition
* Find even more near you on the Events Calendar

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