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Celebrate Firefox OS
Celebrate Firefox OS
After nearly two years of hard work, Firefox OS has finally launched. Our new and open operating system for mobiles already found its way on some handsets and into countries like Spain and Poland. Built entirely using open standards, it’s free from the rules of existing platforms. The launch is truly a reason to celebrate in an extravagant way – and we’ll break barriers like time zones by doing it in the exact same moment. A message will automatically be shared by you and the other thousands of supporters, generating excitement and demand. All you have to do is to click a single button.

Help us show the world how Firefox OS is going to make the future of the Web brighter by joining the campaign on Thunderclap.

Firefox Wins the Web Browser Grand Prix
In the latest Browser Grand Prix by a respected tech authority, Firefox was competing against Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. The first of the three tests was not very surprising: The new version of Firefox replaced the former performance champion Google Chrome as the new speed king. The reliability and security tests were passed by Firefox very easily as well – and it came in first, yet again. This means that with the excellent reliability, combined with near-native start times, Firefox is the speed and stability king of all browsers.

Get to know the details of the test and the thoughts about competition of the Chair of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker.

Our Paris Office Officially Opened Its Doors
The last month at Mozilla was absolutely crazy – especially in Paris! We opened the new office in one of Europe’s nicest cities with a well-attended event. The inauguration of the historical building (it even has gold leafs!) began with a Firefox OS Hackathon. Together with our contributors, developers and employees we spent the following days watching exciting demos. And what would be a better way to wrap up such an event than celebrating a VIP party with you, Mitchell Baker and the French Minister for the Digital Economy, Fleur Pellerin. After such an amazing week, all we can say is: Merci for coming!

Check out Clarista’s pictures and recap of the inauguration.

A New Look For Mozillians.org
What’s the name of the guy who lives in the UK and works on Firefox? And where can I find somebody who knows how to fix a website? Our community directory at mozillians.org will answer that question in no time. This site is for you and all of the thousands of volunteers. That’s why we worked behind the scenes to update the design for the homepage and the whole directory. Along with the new look, there are also new features like the ability to search for public profiles without logging in. As soon as you log in, you’ll see important announcements and fun facts about Mozillians based on information in the database.

Take it for a spin or learn more about the people behind the redesign.

Firefox OS Twitter Chat
When will Firefox OS be available in my country? Why does Firefox OS matter? How will it shape the mobile world? Instead of asking these questions to yourself, why don’t you ask the Executive Chair of Mozilla, Mitchell Baker? Tomorrow, starting at 10:30am PST, she will be answering your questions and read your personal comments about Firefox OS. If you have answers to questions other users are asking, feel free to help answer them. But make sure to tell us about your thoughts as well!

Use the hashtag #FirefoxOSChat on July 17 from 10:30-11:30am PST to take part in our Twitter chat.

Photo of the Week

Firefox OS

Firefox OS debuts in Poland. Find some more pictures of the launch day in this Flickr set.

Upcoming events
* July 17 – Santa Cruz, Bolivia: FirefoxOS & HTML5 Workshop
* July 18-22 – Thessaloniki, Greece: openSUSE Conference 2013
* July 19 & 20 – Mombasa, Kenya: Mozilla Kenya Communities Meetup
* July 20 – Kalyani, India: Kalyani Hackathon
* July 22-26 – Portland, US: O’Reilly Open Source Convention
* Find even more near you on the Events Calendar

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These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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