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One Mozilla. Three locations. 1146 people.
Ice Ice Baby
The Mozilla Summit is an event where all Mozillians come together to connect (in some cases even find the love of your life), get inspired and set the direction Mozilla is heading to.

Back then in 2010, a bit over 600 Mozillians and a few brown bears were invited to the Summit in one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, Whistler. In the last three years however, our community has grown a lot and we ended up having over 2,000 people on our list.

The only solution was to spread them across three different cities: Brussels, Toronto and Santa Clara. Yet, the agenda was almost the same in all of the locations, thanks to our careful planning.

12 Months of Planning for 3 Days of Awesomeness

The Mozilla Summit 2013
How do you plan an event that is supposed to run at the same time for three days in three cities? How do you split up 800 paid employees and 1,400 volunteers equally? In order to make the summit the best so far, our team around Mardi Douglass and Katherine Naszradi had to start planning almost one year ago.

One of the biggest challenges was securing venues in each city – originally, we wanted Paris to be one of the three Summit cities. But in the end we had to choose Brussels instead (and we don’t regret it). The very last obstacle was securing visas for those who had to travel to another country. Because this didn’t work out for everyone, we kept those who couldn’t come in our minds.

Spotlight on: Shumway, Appmaker and Together.JS

One of the main purposes of the Summit was to shape the future of the web. Now it’s time to show off what it looks like:

One of the three technologies that will revolutionize the Web is Shumway. It converts Adobe Flash content to blazing-fast HTML5 without the need of any third-party-software and you can already test it in the latest Nightly built of Firefox.

The second tool is called Appmaker and it makes creating HTML5 cross-platform apps easy as pie. By dragging and dropping elements like buttons and sliders onto a canvas, you can create your very own app that can run on any device that supports the Web, including mobile phones.

Last but not least, Together.js is two lines of code you can add to any website to enable realtime collaboration.

Firefox OS 1.1 launch

Firefox OS
We also took the chance to kick off the second round of Firefox OS launches in even more markets around the world at the summit. Just weeks after we successfully launched the first Firefox OS smartphones, we are glad to tell you that they will soon come to Germany, Brazil and three other Latin America markets as well.

If you already have a device, we are happy to announce the next version of Firefox OS, which adds MMS support, a push notifications API for developers, an enhanced app search and support for even more languages.

Photo of the Week

What does the fox say?

What does the fox say? We’ll never know for sure, but when it was surfing on our crowd of Mozillians in Brussels, it definitely yelled “wheee”! Find more pictures of the Mozilla Summit 2013 on Flickr or browse through all of our social activity on our Postano site. (Photos by Carmen Collins, Brian King, Jan Bambach, Yofie Setiawan and Marcia Knous)

Upcoming events
* October 12-15 – Dublin, Ireland: PyCon Ireland
* October 13 – Semarang, Indonesia: Udinus Webmaker Party
* October 16 – Provo, Utah (US): International Firefox Localization Sprint
* October 16-18 – Fóz do Iguaçú, Brazil: Latinoware 2013
* October 29 & 30 – The Web: Reddit IAmA 2
* Find even more near you on the Events Calendar

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