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Firefox OS Launches in Brazil and Germany
Firefox OS
In the last few weeks, we have successfully launched the very first Firefox OS smartphones in Spain, Colombia, Venezuela and in Poland. Now, shortly after the release of a major update with new features, we have kicked off the launch in the next two countries, Brazil and Germany.

We are happy to announce that Congstar now offers the Alcatel One Touch Fire in Germany. Being the very first smartphone in Germany that exclusively relies upon open web technologies, it combines all features that you would expect: being able to make phone calls, send text messages, e-mails, take photos and more. Those are the exact same things the new LG Fireweb can do – it’s sold by Vivo in Brazil and comes with a 4 inch screen, a camera and the much-praised Firefox Marketplace where you can not only just download useful apps and games, but also Portuguese newspapers, dictionaries and magazines.

Find out more about the launch in Brazil and the upcoming countries or read the press release in German.

Your Name on the Mozillians Monument in San Francisco

Concept photo of the Mozillians monument
Since 1998, when Mozilla was brought to life, hundreds of people have helped us in making the web more open. Back then, you were able to write down the names of all contributors onto a single sheet of paper. about:credits, an online list of people who have contributed to this project, has collected thousands of names over the last few years and now it’s time to show it to the world.

We’re working on constructing a 14 foot (4m) monument in front of our new space in San Francisco. On this structure, we want to have the names of every Mozillian including you. If you are a current or past contributor and want your name to be on it as well, let us know!

Check out the concept photos and get to know how to have your name etched on the structure.

Highlights From the Mozilla Summit 2013

Hockey game during the Mozilla Summit 2013 in Toronto
The Mozilla Summit 2013 was an assembly of all Mozillians coming together for three days in three different locations to connect and get inspired. One of the highlights of the was definitely the dinner party on Friday, followed by our lovely mascot doing some crowd surfing. While the Mozillians in Santa Clara were jamming to the probably best song ever and showing off their dancing skills, the Mozillians in Brussels proved that they were just as good when it comes to singing:

When the karaoke party reached its peak, more than twenty people were jumping around on stage singing Nirvana’s song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as the others cheered. The coolest (pun intended) activity however was the hockey game at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto – where the desktop team played against the mobile team in an exciting match.

Discover more great moments on Flickr or, if you attended the Summit, tell us about your experiences.

Helping 58,000 People Teach and Learn the Web in Three Months

Helping people teach and learn the Web
About four months ago, we kicked off our global Maker Party that invited you to make something amazing on the Web. Nearly 60,000 people met up at over 1,600 events around the world to share their skills, make and break things on the Internet. Using helpful tools like Thimble, which allows you to create and remix websites as easy as possible, and the most popular tool Popcorn Maker, they have created tens of thousands webpages and videos. But although this year’s Maker Party is over, it’s never too late to connect with other Web enthusiasts to collaborate and have fun – regardless of your skill levels.

Be a Webmaker too and how joyful the Maker Party was.

Where is Mozilla?

Showcasing your local Mozilla community
Exploring Mozilla Spaces near you is quite easy – you simply go to our contact page. Unfortunately, design-wise it’s quite outdated. Thanks to our awesome design team, this is about to change with a new overview of our local communities and spaces. Apart from different communities, you will also be able to find a lot of pictures, links and relevant content on the redesigned page. This is where we need you – tell us about your local Mozilla community and share photos of them with us.

Take a sneak peek at the new design and help us showcasing your community.

Photo of the Week

Mozilla Webmaker Hive India

Young webmakers at Hive India. Check out some pictures of the event or find even more Webmaker photos.

Upcoming events
* October 25-27 – London, UK: Mozilla Festival 2013
* October 26 – Torino, Italy: Linux Day 2013
* October 26 – Kalyani, India: Kalyani Hackathon
* October 29 & 30 – The Web: Reddit IAmA 2
* October 31 – Mombasa, Kenya: MozCafe Mombasa
* Find even more near you on the Events Calendar

Get Involved
These are just some of the available contribution opportunities. Learn more about other ways to get involved and find other Mozillians in our community who share your interests.

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