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Mozdev turns eight years old

The Mozdev team writes, “In September 2000 was launched as a site dedicated to supporting Mozilla application and extension developers. Over the last year we have continued to provide hosting for hundreds of active projects and there are now add-ons for over a dozen Mozilla-based applications. There are also new features and more updates coming that will make developing projects even easier. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed time, energy or money over the past 8 years and we look forward to another year of serving the Mozilla community.”

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nsITraceableChannel, Intercept HTTP traffic

Jan Odvarko writes, “Since bug 430155 (“new nsHttpChannel interface to allow examination of HTTP data before it is passed to the channel’s creator”) is now fixed, it’s possible to intercept HTTP traffic from within a Firefox extension!” Jan estimates that this fix will be part of Firefox 3.0.3, and points out that this feature is crucial for Firebug as one of that add-on’s features is the ability to display the response of any HTTP request made by a page. To this point, Firebug has been making use of the Firefox cache and XHR monitoring to implement this feature, but there are several issues with this approach that make it suboptimal. For more information about this new feature, including examples of how to make use of it in Firefox add-ons, read Jan’s article at his Software is hard weblog.

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