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Mozilla’s localization dashboard

Seth Bindernagel has posted about Mozilla’s new “localization dashboard” that was created by Axel Hecht. “As our team tries to improve efficiency and outreach/service to localizers in our l10n process, this tool will greatly help in how we focus on and respond to community needs related to localization.” Seth’s post goes on to describe some of the features of the dashboard to help you get started.


Mozilla funds SA translation team

As reported by Tectonic, “South Africa’s award-winning multilingual software developer,, has been awarded a grant by the Mozilla Corporation to extend its translation tools. Mozilla awarded the grant to to further its work on Pootle, a web-based translation tool, as well as the Translate Toolkit. The grant also covers a still to be released offline translation tool.” For more details, read the full article at Tectonic, and Seth Bindernagel’s original blog post.

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