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SVG effects for HTML content

Robert O’Callahan has been working on adding features to Firefox that allow SVG effects to be applied to HTML content. He originally posted about this work back in June, discussing his experiments with making SVG’s “clip-path”, “mask”, and “filter” properties work when applied to HTML content. Last week Robert announced that this work has been added to the main Mozilla code base, and further that he has submitted his proposal to the SVG working group for standardization. For more information about these new features, including screenshots of them in action and working demos, see Robert’s post on the Web Tech weblog.

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Color profile support changes

Bobby Holley has been refining Mozilla’s color management backend, working to improve performance and polish the feature so it’s ready for “prime time”. These efforts have clearly paid off, as color profile support has now been turned on by default for tagged images in the latest Firefox nightly builds. In this context, “tagged images” are any images displayed in the web browser that have an embedded ICC color profile — in other words, images that contain the information needed to do a specific and accurate color transformation. Bobby’s post goes into all the technical aspects of these changes in detail, and also discusses why color management hasn’t been enabled for everything at this time. Percy Cabello has also posted about these changes over at Mozilla Links.

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