Posts from June, 2009

Add-on Statistics Freeze

Justin Scott

This weekend, the Mozilla Metrics team will be performing improvements to their data warehouse and new add-on data will not be available in developer Statistics Dashboards until Monday. No data will be lost during this process.

Add-ons across the web

Nick Nguyen (osunick)


A friend pointed out today’s gem on ICHC: see more Lolcats and funny pictures I got a nice LOL from this and now my curiosity is piqued: any other (obscure or otherwise) pop-culture references to add-ons out there? Nick

Mozilla in Indonesia



This is a re-post of Gen Kanai’s article on the Add-ons for Mozilla meetup at ITS Surabaya, a university in the second-largest city in Indonesia. In a recent post at Ken Kovash’s Blog of Metrics regarding Firefox in Latvia passing … Continue reading