Add-ons Meetup in Chicago, IL – Sept. 29th

Photo by kevindooley

Along with Miami, FL on Sept 15th, we’ll be hosting another meetup in Chicago, IL on September 29th. If you’re in Chi-town, this will be a great opportunity to get to familiar with add-on development and have an opportunity to share your ideas with the AMO team.

The full details of the event are up on the Mozilla wiki:

Mozilla Add-ons Meetup: Chicago, IL – Sept. 29th 6-9PM EST

There’s no cost for the meetup and it will be packed with great sessions. Look forward to seeing you there!

5 responses

  1. techypulse wrote on :

    Wish i could be there 🙁

  2. Joe wrote on :

    Can someone create a plugin that will stip out all “ad” and advertising link from the web pages? The ads have become the golden pot for Google and other company with very little added benefit to web users in general.

  3. Dave Dash wrote on :


    I believe you’re looking for adblock, one of the most popular plugins for firefox:


  4. Rev Engineer wrote on :

    The Spirit of Mozilla does not abide greyware in extensions.

    Re-educate developers at your respective meetups

  5. Rev Engineer wrote on :

    @ Dave

    I hope you’re not a developer. You don’t seem to know the difference between a plug-in and an extension 🙁