Articles from December, 2010

Add-ons can now be compatible with 4.0.*

Firefox 4 is coming very soon, and it’s now time to start marking your add-ons compatible with 4.0.*. We don’t expect any further compatibility-breaking changes in Firefox 4 betas, and … Read more

Add-on-Con 2010 Round-up

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Add-on-Con last week! We enjoyed seeing so many energetic add-on developers and look forward to what you go and create. We’ve received many … Read more

Announcing Add-on SDK 1.0b1

The Jetpack team is thrilled to announce the release of Add-on SDK 1.0b1, the first beta release of Mozilla’s new software development kit for building Firefox add-ons! Add-on SDK 1.0b1, … Read more