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Improving Add-on Performance

Firefox performance is extremely important to our users, especially how quickly it starts up and loads websites. Customization is also extremely important, and while most add-ons cause only a tiny performance impact, others can significantly slow down Firefox. Many users don’t realize add-ons can cause these delays, and that’s why we’re committed to improving performance… Continue reading


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Join the Add-ons Team!

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that add-ons are kind of a big deal, with hundreds of thousands of add-ons and Personas submitted to us and downloaded billions of times by our community from all over the world. Whether it’s improving our add-ons gallery (which serves 20 billion requests a month), engaging… Continue reading


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Firefox 4 & add-ons: made for each other

Not only is Mozilla Firefox 4 fast, feature-rich, and secure, but it’s also the most customizable Firefox ever. Whether you’re an add-on aficionado or just getting started with personalization, our brand new Add-ons Manager, restartless add-ons, and automatic updates make finding and using add-ons a breeze. And with hundreds of thousands of add-ons updated for… Continue reading


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AMO and minVersion 4.0 are BFF

Every time a big Firefox release is upon us, we’re reminded of a longstanding and frustrating hassle on AMO: there’s only one latest version. Add-on versions and files are more complex than meets the eye, and in combination with our need for aggressive caching, AMO has only ever been able to return the very latest… Continue reading

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Updated Skype Toolbar Extension Available

On January 20th, 2011, the Skype Toolbar extension was added to Firefox’s add-on blocklist for causing Firefox to crash and imparting a significant performance hit on DOM manipulation. We’ve been in contact with Skype since that time, and have provided information to identify the crashes our users are seeing, along with suggested methods to reduce… Continue reading

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Blocking the Skype Toolbar in Firefox

The Skype Toolbar for Firefox is an extension that detects phone numbers in web pages, and re-renders them as a clickable button that can be used to dial the number using the Skype desktop application. This extension is bundled with the Skype application, and is installed into Firefox by default when Skype is installed or,… Continue reading


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