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Making your add-on compatible with Firefox 4

Firefox 4 beta 7 is out, and now is the best time to evaluate your add-on’s compatibility with the next major Firefox release. This is the first “feature frozen” release, meaning that there will be no more major changes performed … Continue reading

Add-on compatibility for Firefox 4 – time to get started

As most of you are already well aware of, Firefox 4 Beta 1 was released a few weeks ago. Beta 2 will follow very soon, and the final version is expected late this year. This relatively long transition period is … Continue reading

Add-ons Review Update – Week of 2010/06/22

Summary These bi-weekly posts explain the current state of add-on reviews and other information relevant to add-on developers. There’s a lengthy overview of the Add-on Review Process posted in this blog that should be read as a general guide about … Continue reading