Moving Site

I’m moving this blog over to my main blog at

I originally started this here separately to have a Mozilla hosted blog for only my Mozilla stuff but it is too cumbersome to try to blog in multiple places and I wind up duplicating some content. It just feels very awkward.

I blog about a pretty wide range of things, often really of interest only to me and a few friends. I didn’t want to feel constrained about what I blog about but I now realize that this probably isn’t really an issue.

I have a Mozilla category at the site and will post Mozilla related items within that. I’ve created a feedburner feed for just that category as well. I’ll have that added to to replace the feed for this blog. In that regard, things should look the same and my non-Mozilla posts won’t show up on Planet in order to keep things clean and orderly (not to mention on topic).

I apologize for any confusion.