HTML5 is ready to handle games

So a question we get all the time… is HTML5 ready to be a high-end mobile gaming platform?

The answer is we are really, really close. So if you are a game developer, you need to be thinking about building and distributing your game in HTML5. Why? Because the web offers:

  1. Massive distribution: It isn’t called the World Wide Web for nuthin
  2. Marketing and discoverability: You’re not restricted to trying to market your game in the confines of an app store. The expanse of the web and all of its features (SEO, linking, sharing) are available so you can reach your customers
  3. Payments: People have been doing payments on the web for years. With the web you have the flexibility to charge what you want, and bill how you want
  4. Easy analytics and update: The game is on your server. So you update when you want and importantly, you get all the analytic information you can handle
  5. Customer relationship: When you make and distribute HTML5 games you still own the customer relationship. You don’t need to go through an app store or any other third party if you don’t want to in order to manage payments or updates. You own the customer. They are on your app and you and interact with them as you please. No one is in the middle.

But is the platform ready??? Great question!

Many games are already taking advantage of HTML5. Some games, like Gopherwood’s super addictive Entanglement are already working great on the device, right out of the box without any optimization.

We’ve also been speaking to our good friend Om Nom about his views on mobile HTML5 and he seems to like what he sees, so fingers crossed on that one as well.

Overall, the more game developers we speak with; the more we bring their games into the dark, dreary labs of Mozilla R&D; the more we build the browser to be a truly full featured platform to support games, the more we see HTML5 being an exciting games platform in the very near future.

And this is great for the world. As our good friends at Uken Games say, gaming is a great way to “deliver happiness.” So why not deliver that happiness on the web, the greatest distribution platform ever created.

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