Psst… wanna buy an app?

So it is pretty well established that Mozilla is an open source company. Everything we do happens in the open. Our development, our code, heck even our internal meetings are open.

So we want to let you in on a secret that we haven’t been guarding very well, we’re going to be selling apps.

And not just any apps, but wicked, cool HTML5 apps!

What is an HTML5 app and why should you care? Well, you’ve come to the right blog because here is where we’re going to talk about the business, the marketing, and distribution of HTML5 apps.

If you need technical information, Mozilla’s got it in droves but it won’t be here. Tune in to this blog to learn about the app market in general, and what are the key trends and updates that will impact the way you market and sell apps to your consumers.

The app economy is new, it is ever-changing and it is super exciting. So join the conversation! We’re as new at this as you are and while we’ll do our best to be open with our news and ideas, we welcome your thoughts based on your insight and expertise.

So welcome to our blog where it’ll be apps, apps and more apps. You want an audience. We want your apps. So let’s work together to make the Firefox Marketplace happen!


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