Evernote: The web is everywhere, and so are your notes

Mental shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Turkey: Check!
  2. Powdered gravy mix: Check!
  3. Pepto: Double Check!

 Let’s see.. what else am I missing? I know there is something else I need!

 Aargh, what was that fourth thing she told me to get? I got the turkey and the mix and the Pepto, but what was that other thing? I don’t want to come back and battle these lines… what was it???

Holiday makers, don’t let this happen to you! Too often, we venture off into the crazy world of holiday grocery shopping ill prepared, with only a vague mental list of what we need to buy, and therefore doomed to suffer the grave consequences of a return trip to the grocery store.

Fortunately there is help, and you can find it on the Firefox Marketplace. Evernote!

Evernote has taken the world by storm as the de facto notes app. If you need to keep organized, you need Evernote.

And Evernote? Well, they need the web!

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