How to get your app on a demo device

This is a little more technical post than we usually write, but we have been getting some questions on how to load an app on a FirefoxOS demo device.

It is super easy and lots of fun! So here goes… we’d really like your feedback

Installing a hosted app without Marketplace, using “Install Any Manifest“:
  1. Make sure you have the URL to the apps manifest ready and that the manifest doesn’t restrict access in “installs_allowed_from“.
  2. Open on the phone’s browser.
  3. Optionallycreate a bookmark to the page, it will remember the manifest URL for future updates/re-installs.
  4. Type in your manifest URL and confirm with “Install App”.
Any errors happening during install will be also displayed.
Here’s a screenshot so you can see what we mean:
OK… no more super technical posts… but we had to get this off our chests!

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