Traveling the World Wide Web: Airbnb

Traveling? How would you like immediate access to 20,000 cities in over 192 countries

All at your fingertips, all on the web. All with Airbnb.

Without a doubt Airbnb is one of the true innovators of the sharing economy. It is turning the travel industry upside-down and it is doing it on the web.

So as you can guess, we find Airbnb super interesting. What do they think about HTML5 and FirefoxOS? Well, the feeling’s mutual according to Andrew Vilcsak, “the fact that there is a new competitor in the market that is truly an open platform, is very interesting.”

Why’s that?

“We’ve seen an incredible rise of people booking travel accommodations directly from their phones, especially when they’re on the go. And it enables our hosts to access their listings, their inquiries on the go wherever they are”

Explore the world on the World Wide Web with Airbnb.

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