Predictions for mobile in 2013: Thanks, Forbes!

It’s January—the traditional time for resolutions and, of course, for predictions.

So you’re probably expecting a piece projecting the rise of HTML5 in mobile and maybe even pointing out Mozilla’s role in that—right? We felt the temptation, of course.

But some heavy-hitters beat us to the punch.

For those of you who are still easing back to work after holiday indulgences and may have missed it, Forbes has predicted that HTML5 will make a comeback, helping to make smartphones cheaper.

Why the comeback? Forbes says: “HTML5 will make a comeback because of the release of Firefox and Tizen. These are open-sourced, mobile operating systems that Mozilla and Samsung, respectively, are expected to launch in 2013. That could lead to cheaper smartphones, since HTML5 apps can run on these systems with no need for a browser, and they are cheaper for developers to build.

Thanks, Forbes.

You’ve no doubt noticed that Mozilla isn’t shy about its support for HTML5. For example, Chris Heilmann, our principal evangelist for HTML5 and open web, recently listed eight things HTML5 can do that native apps can’t. He cites, as examples, that you can write once and deploy anywhere; that apps can be shared over the web; and that consumption and development tools are the same thing with HTML5.

Forbes didn’t mention it, but WC3’s announcement in December of the complete HTML5 definition is an important milestone that supports HTML5’s growing momentum.

As part of the announcement, W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe said, “As of today, businesses know what they can rely on for HTML5 in the coming years, and what their customers will demand. Likewise, developers will know what skills to cultivate to reach smart phones, cars, televisions, ebooks, digital signs, and devices not yet known.”

We’re clearly not the only ones who are excited about what 2013 has in store for HTML5. Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of the ways this new web standard will continue to gain support and to grow in importance over the coming year.

– Jenny Carless

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