Firefox and the web end developer fragmentation

I just downloaded Word Wars, a Boggle-like word game, on my Galaxy Nexus, but I didn’t use the Google Play store. Instead, I browsed to the Firefox Marketplace on the mobile version of the Firefox browser. It installed on my device quickly, and Firefox even created a separate icon to launch the app on my homescreen.

Yep, pretty easy, huh? Build an app, distribute it on the Firefox Marketplace and distribute across Android and FirefoxOS.

This is the web ending fragmentation.

h/t: Firefox OS needs games: Mozilla is confident it can entice developers by eliminating fragmentation

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  1. Nicolas Hoizey wrote on :

    This is really great. My game in the marketplace ( ) can be installed on Firefox OS, Android with Firefox, even desktop with Firefox!

    BUT, real fragmentation ending will happen when one single code will allow installation on any platform/browser:
    – one set of logos
    – one app manifest

    Until now, web pages are crippled with iOS meta for icons, splashscreens and stote references, Windows 8 tiles color and logo, etc.

    Keep up the good work, especially on standardization!

  2. Alexander wrote on :

    Sounds neat.

    How did Mozilla convince carriers to not simply rip Firefox Marketplace out of the OS and allow App installation only from their own services, for maximum monetization? Did they have to sign contracts ensuring openness for Firefox OS?

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