Calling All Consumers … with Direct Carrier Billing

Direct carrier billing is opening up the world of mobile apps to new markets—enormous, underserved markets. And that’s fantastic news for app developers and consumers.

When a marketplace offers carrier billing, consumers have the option to buy apps (and in-app transactions) through their mobile provider instead of using a credit card. Purchases are simply added to their bill or counted against their pre-paid balance. No credit card or bank details required!

Multiple Options, Flexible Business Models

“Carrier billing requires fewer clicks, which leads to more transactions,” says Rick Fant, Mozilla’s vice president of Apps and Marketplace. “In emerging markets, this is the standard for downloads and in-app purchases—and Firefox Marketplace supports that standard.”

From the customer’s perspective, it’s making life much easier. Consumers appreciate a streamlined purchase experience, the ability to take advantage of existing billing relationships and the option of privacy.

Hello, 1.7 Billion New Users!

According to Mobile Payments Today, emerging markets represent the biggest growth opportunity for carrier billing in 2013.

“Let’s remember, carrier billing is the only available electronic payment channel for 1.7 billion people in the world, who own a mobile phone but don’t have a bank account,” it said in this recent article. (Emphasis in original)

Welcome to the Firefox Marketplace

Firefox Marketplace has incorporated carrier billing across multiple geographies and currencies. Consumers don’t need a credit card; their purchases can be billed by their mobile provider.

So what are you waiting for? Get your apps up on the Firefox Marketplace and say hello to 1.7 billion new potential customers!

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