Business Goes Mobile

An elephant never forgets. For the rest of us, there’s Evernote—a service that helps you remember everything.

Do you have scraps of paper lying around the house with brilliant opening lines for that novel you’ve been meaning to write? Have you forgotten where, oh where, you stored the URL of that really interesting website?

Your notes, ideas, pictures, audio clips and more will be everywhere you need them to be, because Evernote is on mobile, desktop and the web—and all those apps sync.

“Using modern web technologies lets us give the best and richest experience we can for our users,” said Jason Terk, lead web service engineer. “HTML5 has all the things you expect from a desktop app, whether drag and drop, bio manipulation or rich-text editing—all of that just inside the browser without a heavyweight app installation.”


Box, an enterprise content management solution, is another great tool that offers many features businesses need—including security and permissions administration.

Box demonstrates another advantage of web-based business applications: ease of sharing information with colleagues.

“It’s the simplest way for business users to manage, share and access content they care about,” said Indy Sen.

Box also takes advantage of HTML5.

“At its very core, our product is a web product,” Indy said. “Supporting it to HTML5 was just a matter of adding on a couple of extra things.”


Lanyrd addresses another important need: getting the most out of professional events and conferences.

“We help people find the right events to go to, meet the right people while they’re there, and then we help gather together the slides, videos and notes afterwards as a permanent record of what happened at the event,” explained Simon Willison.

“There’s a whole bunch of reasons why HTML5 makes sense for us, especially for mobile,” Simon added. He mentioned four, in particular:

  • Providing access to many devices
  • A zero-step install
  • Lanyrd has a great team of web native developers, so it uses existing in-house skills
  • It makes financial sense to use one technology that covers so many different devices


With the ubiquity of the web and a little help from HTML5, apps like Evernote, Box and Lanyrd are able to provide useful tools for doing business on the go.

Now, can Evernote just help me remember where I put my keys?


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