Get Social—at the Firefox Marketplace

What did we do before mobile devices and great apps? It’s getting hard to remember those days.

Mobile social media extends our reach and lets us engage with the world immediately, wherever we are—whether it’s keeping up with the news, booking somewhere to stay on vacation or listening to music.

And where can you find some of the best apps and experiences, such as Twitter, airbnb and SoundCloud? The Firefox Marketplace, of course.


Twitter calls itself the global town square—the place to connect with everything.

“It’s what’s happening in the world,” says Twitter’s Michael Ducker.

“We really like Firefox OS,” Michael says. “It’s a great platform for our product to succeed. So the Firefox Marketplace is a great channel for us to reach out to new customers.

“The Marketplace allows us to have a place we can call home,” he adds, “where users can come to the marketplace to look for an app—and Twitter’s right there.”


Airbnb enables hosts around the world to list their spaces, and travelers use it to look for unique accommodations. It lists spaces in 20,000+ cities in 192 countries.

“Firefox OS is interesting because of being able to interface with all ranges of mobile devices,” says Airbnb’s Andrew Vilcsak.

“We decided to build an HTML5 mobile web app because it allows us to code once and deploy to an incredible number of platforms,” he adds. “Every distribution channel is another way of reaching another segment of mobile users, so the Marketplace was an obvious decision.”


SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform,” explains the company’s Thom Cummings.

It empowers creators of sound—from Foo Fighters and Madonna to smaller bedroom artists and podcasters such as The Economist and the BBC—to share their sound with the world.

“We want to be in as many places as our audience is,” Thom says. “We’re platform-agnostic in that sense. HTML5 is an important part of that strategy.”

HTML5 and web technologies in general give great flexibility both in terms of development cost and development time versus native apps, according to Thom.

“I think both have their place in the world,” he says, “but we’re really excited about the future of HTML5.”

Luckily, you don’t have to worry anymore about those scary days before mobile social media. And you’ll find just what you need to get social on the Firefox Marketplace.

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