HTML5 Is Your Fast Friend

Fast is good. If light didn’t travel at the speed of light, things would be, well, dark.

Fast running can earn you a ribbon or medal; fast thinking may get you out of a jam; fast food can…  Well, never mind. But you get the idea: In general, fast is really good.

Fast updates for apps are really good, too. If you’re a developer, you’d like to get the latest and greatest versions of your apps out to users as quickly as possible, right? HTML5 is the right tool for the job.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Version control and updates: Need to fix a bug or publish an upgrade, large or small? With HTML5, developers can update once on the server and they’re done! It means that your customers will get the update right away. Not so with a native app; in that case, the user won’t receive the fix or new feature until she goes to the app store and downloads the latest version.
  • A/B tests: With HTML5, developers can easily run A/B tests to compare upgrades or other changes and determine which alternative brings about the best result. For example, you might want to compare features to see which drives users to make more purchases, or you can test different instructions to see which explanation helps users better.
  • Quick response to market conditions: The marketplace can change in the blink of an eye, and you want to be able to respond to those changes as quickly as possible, right? A new security threat might require you to make a quick change, or you might need to make adjustments to accommodate a new device. Again, HTML5 delivers that crucial “update-once” speed.

Deploying your app to the Firefox Marketplace is quick and easy, too. Check out our Developer Hub, and you’ll see how HTML5 can be your fast friend.

Image © Jenny Carless


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