Potty Talk with the Creator of ROTOGAMEsq

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInspiration can strike in the strangest places. Just ask Felix Klee, who experienced an epiphany while sitting on the toilet. He was suddenly struck with a unique game concept—a puzzle that challenges players to rearrange tiles to match a given image. And thus ROTOGAMEsq was born. We spoke with Felix about his unique, if not sanitary, creative process.

Seriously, you were on the pot when you dreamt this up?
No joke. It was the bathroom tiles. While sitting there, I imagined rotating rectangular areas to rearrange the tiles.

Have you ever done any actual coding while sitting on the loo?
Mobile computers are great, aren’t they? Sometimes I take my Keon to browse documentation on the web.

Why did you decide to create an app for Firefox OS?
It started off as a submission to the Js13kGames competition. My idea was to develop a web-based game that adapts itself to any screen size, and to orientation. After I made the app offline-capable, I submitted it to Firefox Marketplace.

Will you be creating more levels for ROTOGAMEsq?
My girlfriend is helping me with that. Be prepared for a mushroom and perhaps an apple. There are also levels planned for the winter holiday season.


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