New Year’s Resolutions? We have an app for that!

It’s January—the time of year many people establish New Year’s resolutions. On the Firefox Marketplace, we have an app for that. (We have several, actually.)

If you’re an aficionado of this tradition, chances are that at least one of your resolutions is health-related. If so, you’re not alone.

Sadly, the optimism (or determination) with which we set these goals often fades. In fact, research from Scranton University (described in this Forbes article) suggests that just 8 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve their goals.

That research focuses on Americans, only. (Perhaps the rest of the world is better at keeping resolutions?)

What if you had an app or two to help you with your health-related resolutions? No matter where you are, or how successful—or not—you’ve been in the past, you might find that an app is just the thing to help you keep up with all those good January intentions.

Check out some of these free apps on the Firefox Marketplace:

BloodPressureDB helps you chart your blood pressure quickly and easily. Keep it for your own reference, or share it with your doctor.

wger Workout Manager helps you manage your exercises and workouts as well as weight and diet plans.

Run Recorder, a GPS-based app, displays information to help you keep track of your activity, such as elapsed time, distance traveled, your average pace and current speed.

Cuerpo sano (in Spanish) provides information on various teas and other infusions, food, sports, meditation and more.

Personal Trainer offers cross-fit, weight training and yoga workouts at different levels (beginners, intermediates, etc.).

Check out these and many other apps in the Health & Fitness section on the Firefox Marketplace.

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