Hey, developers—We’re accelerating the evolution of Firefox OS for tablets. You interested?

If you’re enjoying seeing your apps on mobile phones, it won’t be long before they can appear on tablets, too!

If you follow Firefox news, you may have seen the recent announcement about a new Firefox OS contribution program aimed at accelerating the development of Firefox OS for tablets and the supporting ecosystem.

The plan is to provide dedicated contributors with access to resources and reference hardware, initially with tablets from Foxconn. We have to make the hardware available before the software is final, to make it possible for contributors around the world to help us complete the build of Firefox OS for tablets.

This is a logical extension of Mozilla’s strategy and philosophy.

“Our goal is to give users more choice and control in their online lives and to give developers freedom to build and distribute software however they want,” explained Mozilla COO Jay Sullivan in a recent Engadget interview at CES.

The program is aimed at developers who want to work with Firefox OS, Firefox OS localizers, and testers/bug fixers. Here’s how it will work:

  • The program will start in the coming weeks, when we will share more details about how contributors can apply to receive a reference tablet.
  • We will work together to complete the tablet version of Firefox OS.
  • We will provide guidance on where we need contributions to complete the tablet version of Firefox OS.
  • Nightly builds will be offered for developers to keep up to date.
  • All program details will be posted on the Mozilla Hacks blog in the coming weeks.

“Once we have completed work on Firefox OS for tablets with the help of this contribution program, we’ll get ready to share it with the world,” said Asa Dotzler, director of Firefox OS Participation.

So stay tuned for more updates on how to get involved in the program!

Some of this information comes from Asa Dotzler’s recent post on the Mozilla Hacks blog and this recent Mozilla announcement.


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