HTML5 Momentum: Vimeo and More

HTML5 is kicking off 2014 with a few tips of the hat in its direction—from adoption by Vimeo to more industry predictions for HTML5 traction and growth.


On January 7, Vimeo announced the debut of a completely rebuilt player—one that automatically defaults to HTML5.

“Tremendous work went into developing the latest version of our player, and we’re excited to take a leading role in support of open web standards by defaulting to HTML5,” said Vimeo Chief Technology Officer Andrew Pile.

Because the new player uses HTML5, it will be fully compatible with all types of browsers on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

And Vimeo’s not the only company to see the benefits of HTML5. A recent HTML5 Report article says that HTML5 is “gaining steam” in mobile app developments. It cites a recent BI Intelligence report indicating that more mobile developers have begun to rely on HTML5 as their main development platform (as of July 2013).

Industry predictions

Other industry observers have some good things to say about HTML5 in the coming year, too.

Gartner, in its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2014, predicts that through 2014, improved JavaScript performance will push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream enterprise application development environment.

In addition, CNBC predicts that in 2014, HTML5 will gain traction as a leading option to develop custom enterprise apps that are compatible with multiple device types. Using an amalgam of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, web developers can create highly interactive, yet economical, web applications (accessible online and offline) for today’s tech-savvy business user, CNBC notes.

At Mozilla, we’ve never been shy about touting the benefits of HTML5. We extend a tip of our hat, too!


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