Valentine’s Night on the Town? Take Our Apps Along!

You’ve mustered the courage to ask that special someone out. Now, you need to plan a fun night on the town. Why not download a few apps from Firefox Marketplace to help make it a night to remember?

First, check the weather. An outdoor concert in a downpour won’t make a good first impression. F&C provides current weather conditions as well as a forecast for up to three days. You can view the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (F&C: Get it?), and the app changes colors dynamically to express current conditions.

If you’re struggling to decide what to do, Hot Trends lets you see what people are searching for around the world, so you can get a sense of the local zeitgeist. Once you decide where to go, use Easy Taxi to get around.

If it looks like rain, a restaurant is a safer bet than that outdoor concert. Yelp is great for checking out restaurant reviews, but we have many other apps, too: Depending on your location and language, try kekanto or foodfindr. Then look for restaurant discounts with Offerum. (Thrifty and romantic aren’t mutually exclusive, right?) Tip Calculator is another handy tool.

What about after dinner? If your friend likes movies, Joblo will help you do your homework: Find movie news, commentary, and previews, so you’re up on the latest.

There’s nothing like humor to break the tension on a first date. So, come prepared with a few jokes from 9GAG and Chistes. And if things are going well, throw your date a digital kiss with Flying Kiss.

If you take any pics, use PhotoFunia to add effects and create a collage to commemorate the evening. Finally, if you’re not sure about the chemistry between the two of you, French Love Test will come to the rescue.

No need to thank us; we’re glad to help—and don’t forget to check out Firefox Marketplace for apps to improve all your social engagements!

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