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Today, most people use their phones for much more than talking. We text, use email, surf the internet, download apps—and listen to music. If you take advantage of your phone to enjoy music—or if you’d like to—Firefox Marketplace can help. It has some great apps that will add a little music to your day.


World radio

How great is it that you can tune in to radio stations from around the world—all from the comfort of, well, wherever you are?

InternetRadio logoYou can scroll through a list of music genres on InternetRadio or tap the genre bar at the top and search. (Tapping that bar also gives you the option of marking favorites.) Although you search by genre rather than geography, there are two easy ways to find an international mix: First, one of the genres is “International.” I found great guitar music from “RadioPortugal” there. Second, scan the choices under each genre. I found “colombiaromantica” under 80s music and “FolkRadioUK” under—wait for it—Folk music.

World Radio Player logoIn World Radio Player you also search by genre, each of which offers individual radio channels. You’ll see the name of the station and (in some cases) where it’s from. Some of the categories take some investigating (e.g., “Radio” and “Various”), but it’s fun to scroll through those to discover what’s hiding there. For example, under “Hits,” I found French ballads on “Radio Douce France.”

Radio Paradise logoWith Radio Paradise, there’s no scrolling through genres; it chooses the music for you. There’s nothing to do but listen to music. Don’t worry, it has good taste! On my most recent visit, Patti Smith, Zero 7, and Roseanne Cash were first up.

Free music

Of course, radio isn’t the only way to find music. Here are a few more music-related apps:

SoundCloud logoSoundCloud is one of the best-known music apps around. It offers you lists of new music to explore, and you can search for favorites (anywhere or by tracks, playlists, people, or groups). You can “like” music to find it easily later, and you can share music with friends on social media.

8tracks logo8tracks offers a choice of Featured, Hot, and Popular playlists.  Pick one, and scroll through a list of mixes. Each has an image, a title, and tags. Under Hot, I chose “Ah, the rain stopped,” which is tagged as techno, pop, jpop, indie, and feelgood. “PCH before 9” is tagged as California, morning, and good vibes. You have to log in to “like” lists, but then you can build your own fav lists. You can share mixes you like on FB and Twitter without logging in.

Hype Machine logoHype Machine says, “Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love—and it all ends up here.” Use this app to see what’s most popular on blogs right now. You can search by genres (dance, electronic, house, pop, rock, etc.) See who posted the song, and follow the links to buy any music that interests you.

SoundTrip logoSoundTrip is all about using music—sounds, really—to relax. When you open the app, you’re greeted with the sound of falling rain. How much more relaxing does it get? There are 12 looping sounds to choose from, including frogs, insects, waves, a river, and even a Roman café!


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