Building Community with Developers

Earlier this month, 34 participants from 11 countries* came together in our Paris office for a Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) “Work Weekend.” And work, they did—finishing 23 projects, touching 400+ bugs … and, bien sûr, enjoying a lot of great French food.

This kind of community teamwork—tackling everything from infrastructure and content to technical documentation—helps Mozilla thrive.

A Strong Developer Community

“Mozilla’s mission is to make sure that the web is accessible to everyone, and we see developers as our partners in accomplishing that,” says Stormy Peters, head of Developer Relations. “They create the content for the open web.”

Developers who make up the Mozilla community include open source and open web enthusiasts. The community creates resources for everyone; for example, MDN is a place to learn about the web and to get help.

“And for those who get more involved, our community provides an opportunity for recognition and a chance to teach—the same benefits you get from volunteering,” Stormy says.

Community Events

Mozilla’s engagement with the developer community happens at events around the world and takes many forms:

  • Mozilla staff and volunteers speak at industry events.
  • Mozilla’s Developer Relations team sponsors events to promote open source and open web technologies.
  • Mozilla hosts workshops to help app developers improve, finalize, and publish their apps on the open web, including Firefox Marketplace.
  • Community members host casual afternoon or evening events, typically with a guest speaker, to bring together web developers in same region.

… and then there are the work weekends, like the one that took place in Paris. Whether in-person or virtual, these get-togethers help Mozilla continue to promote the open web.

Check out this Wiki for the full list of what everyone accomplished in Paris—and Twitter for some of the comments from participants.

Get Involved!

Would you like to get involved? Click on the “Get Involved” link on the MDN website to join more than 3,400 other contributors. Learn how to make an open web app of your own—and check out some of the community’s great apps on Firefox Marketplace.


*France, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil

(Photo credit: Kaustav Das Modak)

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