Great Utility Apps Lend a Helping Hand

The beauty of our mobile world is that we have so much useful information at our fingertips—and Firefox Marketplace is a great resource. Are you interested in photography? Travel? Music? No matter what your passion, you’re likely to find an app on Firefox Marketplace to help out. Below are just a few examples.

For Students of Music

There’s no need for music students to buy a metronome anymore; you can have one on your phone! Metronome is simple: Choose the number of beats per minute and the time signature. Toggle the sound on or off. You can also tap the beat you want and adjust the metronome that way.

Easy Chords can help aspiring guitarists, who have to memorize the finger positions for many chords. The screen displays a grid that represents the guitar strings and frets. Three buttons let you 1) choose the chord; 2) make it sharp or flat; and 3) change it to major, minor, or 7. And for bass guitar players, check out Bass Notes. You’ll be strumming away in no time!

Reading, Writing, Communicating

Mañana lets you save for tomorrow interesting articles you find but don’t have time to read today. Mark an article you’re interested in and add it to your home screen, so it’s easy to find when you have the time to read it. You can also tag and share articles with friends.

FireText (made just for Firefox OS) is a word processor with lots of great features. Formatting options include alignment, bold, italics, and strikethrough. You can also insert images, links, bullets/numbered lists, and tables.

Translator is a handy app for when you’re traveling—in person or around the web. It’s a quick and easy way to translate words and phrases to or from more than 60 languages, from Afrikaans and Basque to Welsh and Yiddish.

Taking Care of Business

FacturaPro is a cloud-based management system. It offers users a way to keep track of stock control, orders, invoices, payments, receipts, and more—all without having to download software.

Of course, your business might be photography. In that case, ShotClock, a sun angle calculator for outdoor photographers, is the app for you. Select your location and you’ll see a map with the angle displayed. You can calculate what the angle would be at different times of the day (with a slider) or a different date (with a calendar).

What are you interested in? Take a wander through Firefox Marketplace, and see what you discover.


(Photo credit: Giacomo Ritucci)

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