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October Contributor of the Month: rctgamer3

Congratulations to rctgamer3, October’s Contributor of the Month! Rctgamer3 is an AMO Reviewer and complete theme developer, and maintains the Firefox 2 theme. In October, rctgamer3 helped the add-ons team file many blocklist bugs and provide all the required information … Continue reading

Social Media Marketing for App Developers

No matter where you are in your app development journey – from ideation to having an existing app in the marketplace – you can immediately benefit from real-time social media interactions. In a perfect world, social media marketing (as with … Continue reading

Build a Website to Market Your App

App developers know that becoming a breakthrough success is an uphill battle, particularly for new developers. Apple and Google’s app stores receive over 10,000 new app submissions a month, making discovery so challenging, Businessweek recently reported on a new marketplace … Continue reading