Potty Talk with the Creator of ROTOGAMEsq

Scott DeVaney


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInspiration can strike in the strangest places. Just ask Felix Klee, who experienced an epiphany while sitting on the toilet. He was suddenly struck with a unique game concept—a puzzle that challenges players to rearrange tiles to match a given image. And thus ROTOGAMEsq was born. We spoke with Felix about his unique, if not sanitary, creative process.

Seriously, you were on the pot when you dreamt this up?
No joke. It was the bathroom tiles. While sitting there, I imagined rotating rectangular areas to rearrange the tiles.

Have you ever done any actual coding while sitting on the loo?
Mobile computers are great, aren’t they? Sometimes I take my Keon to browse documentation on the web.

Why did you decide to create an app for Firefox OS?
It started off as a submission to the Js13kGames competition. My idea was to develop a web-based game that adapts itself to any screen size, and to orientation. After I made the app offline-capable, I submitted it to Firefox Marketplace.

Will you be creating more levels for ROTOGAMEsq?
My girlfriend is helping me with that. Be prepared for a mushroom and perhaps an apple. There are also levels planned for the winter holiday season.


Top score sports apps on Swipe!



Whether you’re into playing sports or just hanging out and watching them, mobile apps are totally changing the sporting world. Don’t believe us? Just ask Mike Zigomanis of the Toronto Maple Leafs on his favorite app (we did…. and hint, it isn’t a hockey app)

In this episode of Swipe, follow the “I’d rather be smoking” crew as they challenge each other to run more and more often using the Nike+ app, and keep track of the exciting world of Brazilian football on SporTV.

And what better way to get the story behind the sports story than with InstaGram? We’ll give you the low-down on who are the top athletes to follow to get all the greatest behind-the-scoreboard images.

Whoo! Tired already? But this is just the beginning of the mobile app work-out on Swipe!

Social in the bathroom: Swipe Eps. 2



We’re social. That’s it, hands down, no debate…when it comes to online activity, we’re social.

Social networking is the single most popular online activity.

We seem to have an almost limitless appetite for new social experiences and new ways to engage each other online, no mater where we are.

SoundCloud lets us share sound. Twitter lets us debate in 140 character thoughts. Vine turns our world into six second video experiences.

In this episode of Swipe we take a look into the crazy world of social and see how we’re using voice, video and chat to communicate (for free) over Line and Viber, how the most fashionable of fashionistas love InstaGram and answer the question of who really has the most Twitter followers.

Check out the episode and c’mon, be social! Let us know what you think in the YouTube comments, blog comments, or on Twitter @firefoxapps

And regarding the headline… yes, when we say people are on social networks everywhere, we really mean everywhere.

Ever Fingled? It is as fun as it sounds! Games apps on Swipe!



We love apps and sometimes the story behind the scenes is as exciting as the app itself.

That is why we’re please to present Swipe!, an exclusive three-part series on apps and app culture. You can even download the Swipe app on the Firefox Marketplace.

We’ll give you the back-story on some of your favorite big-name apps and also introduce you to apps you’ve never heard of, but shouldn’t live without!

First up is Swipe’s! look at games and gaming.

Take a look behind the scenes at the future of games at EA. Meet the fantastically fun couple behind the fantastically popular Temple Run.  And find out how mobile phones are making us all game addicts!!

Swipe is fast, fun and has a fresh new take on apps. We’ll be releasing two new episodes soon.

And yes, we’ll tell you all about Fingling!

FirefoxOS launches accross Europe



Mozilla pride washes over buildings and stairs in Spain after its Firefox OS phone releases.


Photo By Robert Nyman


Photo By Robert Nyman

Photo By Robert Nyman


Photo By Robert Nyman


The new phones look great in the Movistar store release in Spain. The phones have many of the big name apps available through the Firefox Marketplace, and are sold at a great price.


Photo By Robert Nyman


Photo By Robert Nyman


Outside the stores at the release party Mozillans shared some love with all those walking by, and handed out some swag.


Photo By Robert Nyman


The people loved it and showed their support.


Photo By Robert Nyman


Over in Poland they await the release of the phone. The Mozilla Fox adds color to the sides of many buildings and tunnels. Getting everyone excited for the release of the Firefox OS phone.


Photo By: w.szczesny


Photo By: w.szczesny


Photo By: w.szczesny


Photo By: w.szczesny


Photo By: w.szczesny


Photo By: w.szczesny


“The launch of Firefox OS marks an incredibly exciting time for the mobile industry. Firefox OS powers the first smartphones built entirely on Web technologies and will stimulate an inspiring new wave of innovation for the Web,” says Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer.

The photos used in this blog were taken by  Robert Nyman (http://www.flickr.com/photos/robertnyman/) , and w.szczesny (http://www.flickr.com/photos/14725550@N04/) are protected with some rights reserved.

Next stop for #FirefoxOS… Poland with INTERIA.PL



The office is still buzzing with excitement from the fantastic FirefoxOS launch in Spain. Huge kudos to our amazing FirefoxOS team and to the amazing Mozilla community who are the lifeblood of everything Mozilla does.

Next stop… Poland. Check out here how Warsaw is getting ready for the arrival of the hottest new mobile OS.

Not only will we have all biggest apps in the world on the Marketplace, we’ll also have some leading content from Interia, one of the leading news and entertainment portals in Poland.  Here’s a sneak peak at Interia’s great mobile HTML5 apps!

Interia Portal
Pogoda (Weather)
Wyniki (Soccer)
Do Kina (Cinema/Film)
Pomponik (Celebrity News)
Lotto (Lottery Results)
Horoskop (Horoscope)
Na Zywo (Sport)

Tier 1 app ecosystem built up around FirefoxOS



It is a great day here at Mozilla central as we see the results of over two years work finally hit the market, FirefoxOS is real and is in stores now.

But as we know, the joys of a smartphone extend beyond simply making calls, the big question is what apps do you have? What can you do with the phone?

Happily developer of all stripes are lining up to support FirefoxOS and HTML5. Out of the gate we’ve got one of the more innovative and fastest growing developer ecosystems. Sure, there is still a lot of work do to, but one day one check out who we’ve got on-board with FirefoxOS:

…customers will also benefit from easy access to familiar global and local apps through the Firefox Marketplace. Content partners supporting Firefox OS include EL PAÍS, La Caixa, AS, eBay, Badoo, Terra, Telepizza, Pisos.com, KAYAK, The Weather Channel, TMZ, AOL, Wikipedia, CNNMoney, Huffington Post, TIME and Tuenti. This growing list joins existing apps including Facebook, MTV Brasil, Airbnb, Time Out, Twitter and SoundCloud and demonstrates the continuing evolution of the content ecosystem.

Taken right off of Telefonica’s press release.







SporTV and Brazilian football comes to #HTML5



Great news for our Brazilian marketplace!!

SporTV just released 21 apps for the major football teams (Corinthians, Fluminense, Sao Paulo, Santos, Internacional etc.). This also includes a aggregate Hub App (SporTV Futebol).

SporTV are owned by Globo, the largest TV provider as well as broadcaster of all the live football games.

As we know, Brazilians live and breathe football — so this is a major win for the Firefox Marketplace and lovers of Brazilian football around the world. The apps provide fixture lists, scores, match reports, video highlights and well as league standings. Download and install them today.

SporTV Futebol (Hub)
Atletico MG
Atletico PR
Ponte Preta
Sao Paulo

Become a Marketplace App Reviewer!



A majority of add-ons on AMO are reviewed by volunteer contributors, and they are a big reason why addons.mozilla.org is a safe, thriving place for submitting and downloading add-ons. With the launch of Firefox Marketplace, contributors will again play an important role in helping to shape and nurture a new community.

App reviewers ensure apps submitted to the Firefox Marketplace adhere to security and privacy policies, and meet quality and user experience standards. In return, reviewers enjoy perks such as invitations to special Mozilla events around the world, fast-tracked reviews of their own apps, and cool gear from the incentives program.

You’ll have front-row seats to the apps arriving in the Marketplace, and as one of the first reviewers, you’ll have an opportunity to mentor new reviewers, and have a voice in how the community evolves.

Did we pique your interest? Learn more about the program here, or apply today!