Mozilla Knowledge

We care about a digital future that is good for all people instead of just a few. This is why we build Firefox, our fast, safe and independent browser and fight for a healthy internet.

Ola Gasildo Mozilla Berlin

Ola Gasidlo

[Web Compat & Speaker]

As a Web Compatibility Engineer, Ola ensures that websites work well on any platform. She is actively engaged as a speaker and mentor for the OpenTechSchool and empowers under-represented groups.

Michelle Thorne


Michelle leads a team to advance internet health in the emerging field of the Internet of Things. We want to ask not just what is possible with technology, but what is responsible. Through research, physical prototyping, and publications, we explore what a more open, inclusive and resilient IoT could look like.



George Roter

[Task Force Innovation]

As Director of Open Innovation George’s champions Mozilla’s ethos of Open by Design, which is our approach of collaborating with companies, other non-profits, academics and volunteers to help make products, technologies and policies that will keep the web a great public resource.




Mozilla Berlin vereint unfassbares Wissen

Tim Taubert


As a security engineer Tim maintains and modernize the security library that powers Firefox. This includes fixing, adding, and verifying cryptographic algorithms to ensure secure and encrypted communication for Firefox users everywhere.


Bei Mozilla Berlin wird Expertise in allen wichtigen digitalen Bereichen gebündelt

Dominik Strohmeier

[Perceived Performance Strategist]

As Product Manager for Firefox Metrics and Performance at Mozilla Dominik loves to improve products by better understanding perceived performance.  This happens by testing, research and permanent exchange with users in the whole world.




Solana Larsen Editor Internet Health Report Mozilla Berlin

Solana Larsen

[Internet Health Thinker]

Solana’s team researches, write and edits contributions to Mozilla’s Internet Health Report which features insights about the Internet from around the world every year.




Christopher Arnold Cooperation Manager Mozilla Berlin

Christopher Arnold

[Curious Networker]

As a business developer for the Mozilla team, it’s Christophers role to work with partners who distribute our apps or who offer services to users within our apps.




Kelly Davis Manager Speech Recognition Mozilla Berlin

Kelly Davis

[Herder of Deep Learners]

Kelly is channeling the flood of deep learning research into software that fulfills Mozilla’s mission. He leads the Common Voice Project, an effort to build an open database of audio files that developers can use to train new speech-to-text (STT) applications.



Madalina Mozilla Berlin

Madelina Ana


Madalina’s role is to make projects happen and find solutions when things seem unsolvable.  And all of this in an open, participatory and collaborative way. Her main focus are community-led collaborative projects where decisions are taken by consensus.


Till Schneiderit Mozilla Berlin Community Space

Till Schneidereit


As Research Engine Manager Till makes Servo accessible for Developers helping them to run their programs faster, safer an better. But Servo has so much more potential, not only accelerating web technologies but expanding into many more exciting areas of exploration.





AddOns Verantwortlicher Andreas Wagner Mozilla Berlin

Andreas Wagner


Als Technical Editor Andreas keeps Firefox add-ons safe and secure. His main challenge is to balance the freedom of developers with maximum safety for the users.

Arielle Kilroy Mozilla Berlin

Arielle Kilroy

[User Maven]

As User Centered Product Manager Arielle works with a team to create high impact products that users love  – now and in the future.  She does this all while following D&I product best practices.



Cathleen Berger Mozilla Berlin Advocacy

Cathleen Berger

[Global Policy Expertin]

As Lead for Engagement with Global Internet Fora, Cathleen keeps track of global technological and regulatory trends as well as their impact. To her, privacy and security are the cornerstone of responsible innovation.



Country Ambassador Mozilla Berlin

Frederik Braun


In his main role, Freddy secures Firefox by talking to people before they after they write their code. In his other role, he talks to leadership in the US about cultural differences.