Welcome to Beyond the Code!

This is the first post in a new Mozilla blog, called “Beyond the Code“.

This blog is born out of an old frustration of mine: people Mozilla interacts with (consumers, Web developers, add-on developers) often overlook what makes Mozilla really special: being a non-profit organization with a mission, which is articulated in a Manifesto.

There are good reasons for this: most brands Internet users interact with are commercially owned. Why would they note that Mozilla is different? Why would they imagine that a non-profit is interacting with them while almost every other player is a for-profit? And even if they know about the non-profit nature, what impact does it have when it comes to the products that we build?

It’s frustrating to me, because I’m a long-time Mozillian and I know that my colleagues (both volunteers and paid staff) do things for a reason. When we write code, produce some documentation, edit a specification, organize an event, there is a reason, and it’s not in order to maximize profit. We do this to make the Internet experience better for all of us.

If we’re lucky, the users will perceive this in our products and feel that we go the extra mile when it comes to user experience, privacy, security and extensibility.  But I want our users to understand that it’s not just about doing the best product. It’s about doing the best product, with a purpose woven into it, which is about enabling our users to seize the endless opportunities that the Internet brings to us.

So even if this blog is born out of frustration, I want some positive outcome from it. I hope that it will also bring a little something to its readers by understanding a bit better how thousands of Mozillians are doing their best to make the Internet a tiny bit better by empowering people, by giving more control over their online lives, one user at a time.

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