Mozilla hack day in London

Last Wednesday, there was a party at the new Mozilla office in London. Don’t be sad if you’ve missed it, as there is a MDN Hack Day on Saturday.  (please register if you plan to attend!)

But what’s a “MDN Hack Day”, and why do we need them? Let’s start by defining what it’s about:

So on Saturday, my colleagues and folks from the community will discuss many interesting things about the Web and what we can do with it, especially things that were not possible until recently, such as games in the browser, HTML5 Web Apps and marketplace, and having a Web-based mobile phone (with the Boot to Gecko initiative).

So if you have some spare time on Saturday and want to play with the future of the Web, have fun with very early versions of Boot to Gecko Phones, go ahead and register!

This particular event is just one example that Mozilla plans on doing with its Mozilla Spaces around the world.

For example, I discussed with Wikimedia folks in London, and I know they already plan to do a joint event at the London Mozilla Space: these are places where the Open-source, Open-standards, education and makers community will meet and collaborate.

This is something that has been going on in the Paris office space for a long time, which is also taking place in Mountain View and San Francisco offices and now starting in London. It’s another way for Mozilla to spur Open web innovation, this time in the physical world, by meeting people and sharing ideas!

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  2. Havi Hoffman wrote on :

    Just wanted to highlight some of the great developers and speakers who will present on Saturday morning at the MDN Hack Day in London. So much talent & mad skillz – not to be missed!:

    Heather Arthur @harthvader
    Rob Hawkes @robhawkes
    Christian Heilmann @codepo8
    Brad Lassey @blassey
    Paul Lewis @aerotwist
    Jean-Yves Perrier @teoli2003
    Chloe Varelidi @varelidi

    Thanks Tristan. 🙂

  3. sunny wrote on :

    he Add-on (Organize Status Bar) still has usefulness,