Firefox for Android Beta

A couple of days ago, a new Beta version of Firefox for Android was released. Here is an excerpt of the email that was sent by my colleague David Slater, VP of product marketing:

We shipped an important update to Firefox Beta for Android . Here’s why it matters and how you can help:

The mobile Web is under threat. For 8 years Mozilla has fought to make the Web open on desktop – and won. On mobile, it’s different – the battle is underway. (…) Today, browsers based on Webkit are dominating the mobile Web, and as a result developers are coding for a single rendering engine. Like we did with desktop, we have to ensure developers have access to truly open standards. And that means that we need to do whatever it takes to establish Gecko’s presence on mobile – and specifically, on the Android platform which is widely forecast to grow more than any other in the next 5 years.

David summed it up really well… Mozilla is hard at work on mobile, but it’s easy to misunderstand why: We’re not seeking a competitive advantage for us. We’re seeking a competitive advantage for the Web.

You too can help Mozilla in making a better mobile Web. If you have an Android phone, please install Firefox Beta for Android. You will notice Firefox has improved a lot with this version. Be selfish and do it for you: you’ll get a better mobile browser. And whether it’s your intent or not, it will help make the mobile Web a better place!

4 responses

  1. foxmask wrote on :


    This new release is a real pleasure to use as it’s faster than never before.
    A lot of people on the GooglePlayMarket notice the same and make Firefox their default browser.
    We hope this is a “new beginning” for Mozilla on Android, and for the … Web


  2. Tristan Nitot wrote on :

    Yes, I’ve been using a pre-version of this for several weeks now, and I love how responsive it is now! It launches instantly and is very reactive.

  3. Tim M. wrote on :

    For whatever reason since the latest update FF beta is not available for tablets anymore. Well, at least for Samsung galaxy tab

    1. Matt Brubeck wrote on :

      The brand new UI was not ready for tablets in time for this initial beta release. The tablet version is currently shaping up on the Nightly channel, and we’d love it if you can test out a build from